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1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207642029506255&set=a.10202388566252957.1073741826.1157027897&type=3&theater

This Russian TV crew outside my polling place just asked me who I was voting for and when I said "Bernie," they said, "Too bad, we're looking for supporters of Donald Trump." I told them I could pretend, and the lady said, "Great!" and interviewed me. She told me I was a good actor afterwards, so I think I might be on Russian TV as an electrician named Steve Conroy who's voting for Trump cause he likes "The Apprentice."

2. http://www.5-tv.ru/news/106224/

Стив Конрой, республиканец: «Дональд Трамп, без вариантов. Он классный шоумен, мне его нравилось по телевизору смотреть. Он хороший застройщик, знает, как с деньгами обращаться. Только он вернет Америке былое величие».
Tags: #fake, РФ, политика

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